Satsang is a ceremonial celebration and meeting in the service of Truth
This is an age-old concept; people come together to be in the field of consciousness and love of an awakened one, until they realize this awakened and enlightened consciousness itself. In this time of spiritual inflation this term is unfortunately used for other gatherings. Naropa represents the authentic transmission in a contemporary way. All superfluous dogmatic and traditional concepts have been seen through and released.

He represents “the new man” or what the Buddhists call the time of Maitrea. The master is not an authority but a friend. You do not look up to that, nor do you admire him, but you are friends with him, because you are essentially no different: consciousness / love.

This dangerous friend is a mirror that shows you your true face and your falsehood.

He loves you unconditionally and confronts you with your ignorance and pain: your spiritual sleep. He or she helps you with the total integration of your awakened manifestation. Now that you no longer have any identity, you are free of yourself and the imaginary others.


This concept is virtually unknown in the West. It is not surprising, therefore, that people get deluded by this principle. That is part of Maya, the distortion of reality. You sometimes hear distortions such as ‘conversations about non-duality’ or ‘dialogue about truth’.
This is, however, the immediate realization and incarnation of reality. That is beyond the verbal and conceptual mind. It is immensely deep and irreversible. This ensures that you pass all psychological and emotional baggage and realize the in-depth, the void of existence. The ‘viewer’  or ‘realizer’ disappears. This is called enlightenment.


You will not get cheap or mental teachings with Naropa. Even the scarce techniques – just like the oral transmission – are only here to focus your attention and bring you into the field of consciousness. From divisions to being and from being to non-being.
Nor does Naropa wear a spiritual uniform to impress you or to seduce you. He does not pretend to be different than he is.

Nor can you make a career because there are no positions to distribute. It is important to let go of every position or attitude. No one to be. He has no role. He is unrolled. The master disappears as soon as you see your reality. He certainly does not try to please you. He does not want you to understand him nor that you agree with him. He does not fulfill your childish needs. He is himself and invites you to be yourself too.

He promotes himself as a soft drink: “If you don’t love it, you haven’t tasted it.”

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