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Trimurti is an artistic and spiritual centre created by the sangha of Naropa.
It is situated in a beautiful location in a protected nature reserve in the Czech Republic.
We are developing this unique place with a group of friends and residents. You are invited to join in.

It is a place for transformation and development of our deepest potential: the awakened consciousness.
It is designed for artists of life and people who are done with compulsive seeking and spiritual consumerism.

Trimurti represents three universal forces of existence: creation, existence, and dissolving.
It is a place created by and for people who wish to discover what it is to live authentically while letting go of what is not serving us.
It appeals to you to be mature.
Trimurti is constantly evolving because it is alive and connected to a living master.
It invites you to contribute and evolve.
Every guest is a part of and determines the spirit of Trimurti.

Trimurti helps you to liberate from your limited and distorted mind, opens your being and allows you to express what you are.
Trimurti is a retreat centre of the Sacha lineage, a living tradition of awakened masters.
Surrender and Unconditional Love, Selflessness and Consciousness are foundations of this path.

Trimurti is earthy and playful, intense and relaxed, joyful and honest.
It is neither sectarian nor dogmatic.

Naropa is regularly coming here to offer Vipassana retreats and satsang gatherings.