Several times a year, vipassana retreats are taking place in the “Oxerhof”. This place is located in the east of the Netherlands. We also have retreats in the Czech Republic. From 1986 on vipassana has been an integral part of Naropa’s life. Vipassana means “insight” and covers much more than a technique. It represents a way of life which is both observant and relaxing. Everything will be revealed. Everything which presents itself will be met.
The retreats are being experienced as intense and powerful. To practice in the presence of a Heart master will boost the effect of vipassana.
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Travels & foreign programs

A few times a year Naropa organizes trips abroad. Besides the journey inward we also love to enjoy the beautiful planet we live on. The radical and intense path to selfrealization is reinforced by the delight of the pleasures our earth has to offer. We share intimacy with ourselves, each other, the earth and the universe. read more.