Vipassana Retreats

A few times a year Naropa organizes  a Vipassana silence retreat at the “Oxerhof”, just outside of Deventer, Holland and at our retreat center Trimurti, Tsjech Republic.
Naropa has been practicing and living Vipassana since 1986.
Vipassana means “insight”.
Insight into your true nature.
Everything is being exposed to awareness .
This light is your true nature.
Vipassana awakens this.
But also all the garbage that got stuck.
Naropa has made vipassana less disciplinary.
His approach is Love.
Participants experience the retreats as intense and powerful.
Love and Consciousness meet and merge.

“God is the breath of all breath”.  ( Kabir )

How to practice Vipassana?

The basic instruction is: ‘Be one with the natural breathing’.
The breath is a portal to the absolute.
You are not doing the witnessing; the natural witness is there regardless.
You do not divide yourself in observer and the observed.
Absorbed and undivided. You are!
Each day, six sessions of sitting are scheduled.
In between these sessions, walking meditation is practised. You walk in alertness, and earthed.
During the natural walking, you are the walking. You are not going anywhere.
When you act, you are the act, you become the act.
Every morning we recite the Gayatri Mantra.
After dinner, you can share your insights with Naropa.
Start meditating already a few weeks before the beginning of the retreat.
This will enable you to be in presence and silence during the retreat, without effort.

“When you are able to ground yourself in the vital breath, then you become manifest, exactly as you are”. ( Nisargadatta Maharaj )

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Your registration  for the dutch retreats will be complete after paying the registration fee of €50,- or the total amount.
This can be transferred to Naropa Parivartan, with reference to ‘vipassana retreat’, the month the retreat will take place, and your (first) name.
IBAN: NL71RABO0129796999
Please ensure the full amount is transferred at the latest four weeks before the start of the retreat. An invoice can be requested.

Cancellation policy:
Refund of the total amount minus the registration fee is possible when cancellation is made up to four weeks before the start of the retreat. In some situations it may be possible to use the registration fee for another retreat. Cancellation within four weeks before the start of the retreat may allow a refund of 50%, but within ten days before the start of the retreat, a refund is not possible anymore. Travel- and cancellation insurances often cover 100%.

Psychoses and addiction:
People with addiction to alcohol or drugs, or with a disposition for psychosis are advised not to attend a retreat or any other long programme. If this applies to you, but you feel you want to join anyway, you have to consult Naropa.
We take no responsibility for people who ignore this advice.

The address of the Oxerhof center is:
Oxerhoflaan 6, 7428 MB, Deventer, Holland

If you come by train:
Train station Deventer to bus stop Larikshoeve, Epse

Walking to the Oxerhof:
From the Bus stop Larikshoeve, 7214 EM Epse

Notify Tara in time if you want to be picked up at the bus stop.