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A tribute to Osho

Wednesday 28 Feb - Sunday 4 Mar 2018 , Kč 3000,-

A tribute to Osho

5-day event with Naropa about the controversial mystic Osho

Osho was and still is far ahead our time. Still not many people are able to fathom his revolutionary message to humanity. Naropa met Osho in 1985 and lived in the international commune Rajneeshdam in Pune, India, for some years until Osho passed away.

“Osho has been the most influential Master of my life. This outstanding and non-dogmatic Heart master which has a multi-dimensional vision is, and can be seen as a Zen, Tantric and a Sufi-master at once. And moreover, a humorous rebel against all religious superstitions and other dogmas.”

In his presence the silence of Buddha, the love from Jesus and the poetry from Rumi became tangible. Osho frequently spoke about the new man and Zorba the Buddha.

In Naropa these qualities have been naturally manifested.

Many people visiting Naropa’s meetings experience Osho’s presence strongly. But more important, they experience themselves in their original nature.

These evenings and days, Naropa will resonate with Osho.

Naropa will share first-hand about his experiences with Osho and will also reflect on some of his sayings. Of course, we will also use some of his meditation techniques.

“I have been drinking Osho and he is now living in my cells and marrow. It is a privilege and joy to share this unique master with you.”


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