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Online November 5 days vipassana

Tuesday 2 - Sunday 7 November 2021

Online November 5 days vipassana

You are invited to join the English-language retreat that will take place in Trimurti from  Tuesday 2, 8 pm to November 7, 5 pm.

You follow the entire program with Zoom. You will receive the login codes from us after you have registered and paid.
You can participate in the entire program including the evening program. That could be a sharing or something else.

You can live these days in silence at home. You can also apply Seva at home.
We have   5 or 6 sitting sessions of an hour   or 45 minutes and walking meditation daily.

This retreat shows everything that is hiden and is a direct confrontation with current events and encounter with reality. It provides a natural detoxification of body and mind so as to be in the simplicity and depth of the natural state. The natural state is characterized by: openness, emptiness, presence, timelessness and love.

Participation in the retreat costs €150  which you transfer in advance to one of our bank accounts in the Czech Republic

IBAN: CZ9727000000001326571019
Name: C. Van Steijn
Unicredit Banka

stating ‘online-vipassana retreat’, and your (call) name.

You can receive an invoice on request.

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