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Satsang live and online (Dutch spoken)

Sunday 17 October 2021 | 15:00 - 17:00 uur, € 10-€ 15

Satsang live and online (Dutch spoken)

Satsang at the Sufi Universal

Live satsang is possible again, without a QR code or test certificate.
Don’t come if you have corona-like symptoms, or do a self-test.
You do not have to sign up in advance.
But it is convenient if you make a payment of € 15 before the meeting, to Naropa Parivartan NL71RABO0129796999
specifying your name and the date of the satsang.

Satsang online

You will receive the login code into Zoom via the newsletter for which you can sign up.
If you have not yet subscribed to the newsletter, you can subscribe  hier.
Sometimes it ends up in your spam box!

Zoom manual for participants

Price:  €10-15 per satsang.
You can also donate for the whole month.

This is based on trust. Do not abuse this.

Transfer to:
Naropa Parivartan
NL71 RABO 0129 7969 99

Mention satsang date and your (zoom) name in the message.


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