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 Sacha Trail of Blessings

 Sacha Trail of Blessings

Friday 23 - Sunday 25 August 2019

 Sacha Trail of Blessings

Two of Maharaji’s pundits (wise man), Tripatiji and Ashokji, are coming to visit Europe.
They are going to visit Sacha places or places where Sacha sangha’s are coming together.
All these sangha’s are directly related to our beloved ShantiMayi.

We feel deeply privileged  and honored to host these wonderful men for a couple of days.
Since we expect much interest in this event, we decided to invite them to the Oxerhof near Deventer.
They will make offerings of sacred fire ceremonies for the enlightenment of the world.

Since they have been living for many years with Maharaji at Sachadham in taxman Jhula,
they are also happy to share their experiences with them.

During this weekend Naropa will offer satsang and Savituriya will play wonderful music.

Practically: People can stay in the sleeping accommodation in the Koetshuis or in the nearby campsite the Oxercamp.
For camping, single or double rooms (limited) one needs to pay extra.
Otherwise prices are including food and lodging.

The program will be in English.








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