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Vipassana silent day in the Sufi temple

Sunday 29 January 2023 , € 50

Vipassana silent day in the Sufi temple

When our natural state awakens, love awakens.
That is the perfume of Being.
Vipassana meditation brings us home.
We sink deep into the body.
The light of awareness is seen and we merge with the breath.

Naropa opens the day with instructions for vipassana.
After this, we recite the Gayatri Mantra which moves into silence.
Then there is walking and sitting meditation until lunch.
In the afternoon there are three sitting meditations and a walking meditation.

If you want to read more instructions and background about vipassana meditation, you can continue reading here.

After receiving confirmation, you can transfer €50 to Naropa Parivartan, stating “vipassana silence day”, 29-01 and your (call) name. You may also pay at the door.

Want to know more about vipassana? Go to vipassana.nl

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