Parivartan – The shift of consciousness

A time has come in which both mankind and the planet can no longer endure to keep on surviving in ignorance and suffering. The energy of the present time results in leaving behind self-centered consciousness and in the realization of a universal consciousness. Remaining stuck in the prison of the mind and the past,  will be more and more painful. The contrast with the evidently  consciousness will keep on increasing. It is crucial to recognize  and realize consciousness as your true self.

In this new era both the approach of a student as well as the role of a teacher has changed.

Nowadays the Guru has become human again and the people’s friend. (Maitreya). Admiration, honoring and fear of a charismatic leader is absolutely dysfunctional. As long as we admire the master outside ourselves we deny the awakened consciousness as our Self. The Guru is our friend, albeit a dangerous friend. It is his main priority to destroy your arrogant, narrow minded and stubborn self-consciousness in order to reveal your primordial face to you. It will destroy the student’s identity and other forms of vanity and dependency to reveal in full dignity.

Suffering itself is not the biggest fear of the old and tired human being, something he has been familiar with for so long. Who would he be without it? Humans biggest fear is for the dissolving  of the suffering and for the manifestation of an unprecedented love and expansion of the heart. In that realm we no longer are someone but everything and nothing at the same time. In that realm we no longer are a doer nor a non-doer, as the self-consciousness is shattered to pieces and we have awakened from the dreamstate. Now we have become responsible and free, we have matured at last.

The separate self-consciousness initially views this emptiness as death. Only after ‘dying’ it can be experienced as total and complete. Fear and doubt have melted by the dissolving of the self-consciousness and a loving radiance appears. This bright principle turns out to be the powerful source which flows ceaselessly and unconditionally out of the unconcealed essence. Not only do the verbal instructions lead to insight and transformation, it is particularly this radiant presence which will dissolve the separate identity. The (verbal) teaching is always secondary to the presence and spontaneous love which arises out of  emptiness.

This fulfillment is our human potential and our humane responsibility. We can awaken from our sleep state. We can leave our mental en emotional imprisonment and realize the oneness of being. We can rise from death and start living Life. As long as knowledge and understanding of our true nature has not yet resulted in total surrender to the Absolute (or God) obviously there is no Nirvana (extinguishment) and Buddhahood, Christ consciousness or Enlightenment. This knowledge often is an obstacle for actual transformation as it gives a sense of realization. Realization is not a concept, but a spontaneously lived truth. It is all-embracing and cannot be assumed.