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10-days Vipassana in Czech Republic

Thursday 23 May - Sunday 2 Jun 2019

10-days Vipassana in Czech Republic

Once a year Naropa gives a ten-day vipassana retreat in the Czech Republic. This silence retreat exposes yourself. It is a direct encounter with the timeliness reality. It also gives a natural detoxification of the body and mind. The natural state is characterized by openness, emptiness, presence, timelessness and love.

For more information about vipassana look at: www.vipassana.nl

We have five or six daily sessions of an hour sitting and walking meditation. If the weather permits we can also sit outside.

The Gayatri Mantra is recited every day and space is made for movement.

There is no approach proved so potent for self-realization as Vipassana. Over the centuries, thousands of people have been awakened by this simple technique and way of life. In the presence of a living Buddha this method is even more powerful. Love and Consciousness awaken thus  together. Finally even the technique will be transcended. One is  one with existence, natural with life.

Naropa came to enlightenment in 2002 during a 10-day retreat and thus keeps the tradition alive.
Read the article about vipassana from Naropa: The new revolution in vipassana.

Single room: € 750
Double room: € 675
4-5 people bedroom with schower and toilet:  € 625
Dormitory: € 575
For Czech residents: see the Czech version of this page.

Your registration is only valid after paying the advance payment of € 50.

For more information: or .


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