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10-days Vipassana in Czech Republic (waiting list)

Thursday 18 - Sunday 28 May 2023

10-days Vipassana in Czech Republic (waiting list)

The 10-Day programme is the crowning glory of the whole year programme.
Infinitely deep stillness in Presence and in the Love of the Self.
Not just tasting the Reality,
but absorb it for a long time,
so that you are carried away by it into the eternal.

For detailed information see: www.vipassana.nl

This silence retreat is nothing veiled and is an encounter
with current affairs and with reality.
The actuality shows you how you have become.
Reality shows you who you are.
Moreover, body and mind are detoxified
so that it is easy to be in the depth of the natural state.
The natural state itself has no characteristics,
but manifests as openness, emptiness, presence, timelessness and love.

Pricer for 10 days retreat in Czechia:
Please note! You pay separately for the programme and accommodation.

Price for program of Naropa is € 300. Do not transfer to our Dutch account. You will receive payment details after registration.

Prices for stay in Trimurti:
The cost of stay depends on the type of accommodation and includes meals.
Double room with own bathroom € 480 p.p.
Triple room or double room with shared bathroom € 430 p.p.
Group room, hut € 380 p.p.
Tent, caravan € 340 p.p.

Check-in time is 15.00.
Check-out time is 12.00. The program finishes on Sunday at 18:00.

Cancellation policy

Read the article from Naropa: The new revolution in vipassana.

Address: Sacha retreat centrum Trimurti, Vojtěchov 11, Lísek 593 01, Czech Republic



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