The Fusion of Zen and Tantra

The inner path of self-inquiry and meditation, takes us to the immediate realization of what is, and who you are. This existential research leads to „I am”, without an I. Beingness, Presence, Awareness is the foundation. But in reality there is no such thing as a foundation, there is neither a beginning nor an end, there is infinite consciousness. „I Am” is the body-bound foundation. Without a body this „I Am” would not manifest itself. What is the basis of beingness ? Words and symbols fail to answer this question. The mind, itself a result of bodily presence, can not contain this. The realization of Zen (Meditation) is Absorption in the Self. Then there is no longer an I, no longer an appearance of self, but just the universal light in which everything appears and disappears. It’s unmanifested emptiness, also called no-self.
If we follow the path of meeting and intimacy, we merge with all phenomena. All phenomena are an expression of consciousness. In all phenomena we find the universal One. One without the other. In our human perception you merge with the object and then love flows. The one who loves, and the one being loved dissolve and what remains is Love. Love, free of identity. There’s no more knower of the world, but you are life itself. Nothing is being regarded as outside of yourself. You can’t go anywhere and you don’t avoid anything. You are all-embracing, you are everything. The universe is your body. All movements take place within you. You are the silence (immobility) and the expressions of change. Change and the unchangeable are permanent. What’s permanent is true. An infinite openness and freedom. The quality of Mahamudra.
In Zen, our self-consciousness dies and we live in the unknown. In Tantra we exist in all that has form without any contradiction. You are formlessness coming into form, you are formless form. You are the Absolute and the temporary phenomenon. The absolute and the relative are One. (relative: relating to something else) Nothing exists on its own, and at the same time we realize that everything is fulfilled by itself. Now we have nothing, and we are nothing and that gives us the highest fulfillment, beyond and beyond. Wealth and abundance, based on nothing. That’s the gift. That’s the joy. That’s that.

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